Revolutionizing baby care with AI-Driven Parenting Mobile App

Vyana developed an evidence-based baby development app for our client in the healthcare industry, designed to empower modern parents with intuitive, Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered baby milestone tracking and insights.

Prioritizing the customer with a complete CRM and Business Intelligence (BI) reporting tool

We developed a complete CRM and BI reporting tool customized to the needs of one of our clients in the environmental sector.

Uniting Technology, Operations, Business to efficiently manage the liquid waste management process

Vyana developed a modernized and efficient management solution to help our client’s liquid Waste Management Sector guide their emergency response services.

Driving the digital transformation for Solid Waste Management system across Canada

Vyana developed a modernized, robust software solution called FleetMapper to help digitize Inc’s Solid Waste Management system across Canada.

Modernizing end-to-end soil tracking with a comprehensive soil management software.

Vyana created a comprehensive, end-to-end digital solution to modernize, simplify, and enhance our client’s soil management process.

State-of-the-art risk and compliance management software

Vyana created an automated platform to track risk exposure and compare global markets' compliance.

Transforming one of the world's largest environment company into a digital-first organization. 

Vyana lead the complete transformation of our client's solid waste software and websites to provide a seamless and unified experience to their end-users across North America.