About Us


Vyana is a Toronto-based IT consulting firm, providing solutions that add value, efficiency and improve user experience.

Make a positive impact through technology.

We consult enterprise-level businesses in the environmental, healthcare and construction sectors to modernize analog processes and digital products into intuitive, cutting-edge packages.
Give clients the ability to access digital technologies to enhance engagement. Create seamless, modernized processes to improve customer accessibility.
Environmental Services
Provide clients with updated systems by making use of new and emerging technologies to improve business operations and performance. Transition into a more sustainable tomorrow with user-centric designs.
Offer clients modern and efficient solutions by utilizing digital strategies that allow for adjustable project baselines. Capture value through implementing usability-approved systems.

Our Approach

Guided by Agile principles and values, Vyana blends innovation, collaboration and productivity to produce tangible results. In MVP style, we release product updates incrementally, prioritizing your needs to create customizable solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Our Strengths

Vyana believes in the power of human interaction. Fostering a diverse work space in which latest designs, software and technology emerge from a self-organizing team of experts. In our relaxed and inclusive environment, we collaborate on challenging projects to establish a continuous impact.