Motivation in the Workplace: Why Employee Motivation is Important

March 3, 2021

Imagine waking up, looking in the mirror, and feeling good and inspired to tackle the day ahead. Here at Vyana, our culture is shaped by motivated and inspired individuals who are passionate and excited to work on diverse projects. Creating motivation in the workplace is a great reminder that passion and purposeful work can result in happier, more successful employees.

It is human nature for us to strive for more and become better, including growth within a company and aspiring to achieve promotion. Having the same core values as the company we work for, the same mission and vision, and an opportunity to team up with like-minded positive individuals and influencers will empower peers to strive to become better, more efficient professionals.

At Vyana, we believe that inspiration comes from our greatest leaders but also from within ourselves. The concept of leadership implies that one or more individuals can lead and manage a workforce. We can think of many different types of leaders that come to mind, such as charismatic individuals in our history that have made a real impact within their companies and motivated millions of people to pursue their professional dreams and aspirations. These leaders can create a buy-in towards a promising vision of what a great company looks like and inspire others to follow those same dreams.

Procrastination and feeling unmotivated often go hand in hand. It may be an even bigger challenge to find the reasons to change. However, having a great leader in the workplace can inspire change in others and help peers find motivation and take the initiative to execute the steps they need to become more productive. Their reasons may include financial health, purposeful work, room for growth, and being in a safe and happy environment.

Think of some of our greatest leaders in history who started some of the most successful companies in the world, such as Steve Jobs from Apple, Bill Gates from Microsoft, Jeff Bezos from Amazon, Elon Musk from Tesla. These are leaders within our time who were able to motivate and inspire generations of workers successfully.

Some days may be very challenging. Some days may test our will and patience. Sometimes, life may knock us down. But within us is an infinite potential to achieve our greatest dreams. When we fall or fail in life, we must learn to get back up because the effort we put in today will put us ahead of the curve tomorrow.

The only time we have control is in the present moment. So, all the decisions we make now will put us on a different path. Whatever choices you encounter, take a breath, be mindful, and choose the way that will give you joy and happiness. Use that as fuel and motivation to aspire to achieve our greatest goals.

Here at Vyana, we draw inspiration from each other. Our team comprises of diverse individuals from different backgrounds, educational levels, and walks of life. Our differences make us unique, but we all share the same common goal: working for a company that believes in the same values and wants the absolute best and success for everyone. And that is our greatest motivation.

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