Managing A Remote Work Lifestyle

March 3, 2021

Working from home has its ups and downs. However, the obstacles we have faced during COVID-19 stay at home initiatives has been a tremendous learning experience. Finding balance in a busy schedule has always been easier said than done, even when working from home.

Daily chores and managing work tasks have been a challenge for many of us because it requires all of us to adapt as quickly as possible to the new social norms and changes. Fortunately, being connected online at the convenience of technology has opened our minds to new and easier ways of accomplishing tasks while juggling the demands of our home lives. Regular meetings that were usually face-to-face are now conveniently accessed in the comfort of our own homes.

Adjusting to “The New Normal”

During the first couple of months of COVID-19, while many companies were adopting remote work policies, working from home seemed like a very comfortable and exciting idea. Through many trials, errors, and failures of working from home and finding a happy medium of managing remote work while being connected, we were able to practice managing our new work-life into our homes.

This has given people advantages but also presented certain implications. Being so connected daily shows us the problems we each face in real-time. To some, it may seem like a hassle to micro-manage, but if seen optimistically, this is a great opportunity to keep the team accountable. By listening to each other’s responsibilities, we’ve reduced the possibility of procrastination and improved performance and productivity in the process.

Minimizing Distractions

However, working from home can be a very distracting burden on the best of us. If possible, we must try to find a space in our home for solitude and focus. Working from home can be very comfortable, and with comfort comes a high chance of being unmotivated. We may be distracted by family, social media, food, and pets.

As social beings, some may need the presence and interaction of others. Even though remote work has saved cost and time from commuting and traveling to our place of work, it has presented us with a different set of challenges that we tackle each day. We are now trying to find balance by having work blended into our home-life.

Finding Balance

It is important to stay aware and mindful that we are still present around others in our homes. Separating home and work responsibilities may be difficult, but we will learn to prioritize and allocate our energy to the right places with time and practice.

The idea of returning to work in the office may seem undesirable. If anything, this time has taught us to appreciate the perspectives and opportunities for growth we experience while surrounded by our peers.

In the end, having complete access to our team, whether virtually or in-person, has shown us that it is still possible to be productive and successful in accomplishing a balanced work and home-life. Remember that the people in our homes can be utilized as motivation and inspiration to support us in adapting to these new social norms and ways of life. Virtual work has, ironically, brought us all closer together.

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